Midtown Farmer’s Market Health Fair

AIMRx second year co-chair, Sophie Hoang, educated attendees of the Midtown Farmer’s Market Health Fair on Saturday, September 27th, 2014. Members of all ages were delighted to learn about the DASH Diet which correlated perfectly with the organic fruits and vegetables offered at the farmer’s market. This was the first time that University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences held such an event and it was an innovative way to link diet and health to the realm of pharmacy. Local market goers were able to learn about healthier alternatives to their diet. This was yet again another way that AIMRx was able to reach out into the community in a setting that is accessible. Furthermore, Sophie met local vendors and health enthusiasts. “Not only was this a great way to reach out to patients and educate them regarding the DASH diet, I was also able to make connections with the different vendors whose ideals aligned with the AIMRx mission in bridging the gap between the pharmacy curriculum and the use of alternative forms of medicine.” The AIMRx team looks forward to participating in this and similar events in the future!

DASH Blossom



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