The Benefits of Juicing

By: Katelyn Fischer

On October 13th, AIMRx will be hosting our first ever Juicing Workshop! Our guests will have the opportunity to learn the benefits of juicing and be able to partake in juicing themselves. First, members of our AIMRx team will be demonstrating how to juice and going through the process. After that, our guests will be able to blend their own drinks. The AIMRx team is very excited to educate individuals on the various benefits of juicing.

A juicer contains special blades that chop up fruits and vegetables into tiny pieces, and spin them in a way to separate the juice from the pulp.  The result is an all natural liquefied drink that contains some extremely beneficial ingredients. When you drink this type of freshly made juice, you are receiving an infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the form of already broken down fruits and vegetables. Not only are these vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for our bodily functions, the juice can also aid in digestion. When we break down our food before we ingest it, our body may be able to metabolize the food more efficiently.

Juicing can help us to consume a healthier amount of fruits/vegetables in a more efficient manner.  The typical recommendation is to eat six to eight serving of fruits and vegetables per day, and very few of us actually get that. By juicing regularly and enjoying the “fruits of your labor”, you can virtually guarantee that you will reach this daily target. You may also get a wider variety of vegetables in your diet. With juicing, you have the flexibility to enjoy large varieties of vegetables, thereby increasing the number of phytochemicals in your diet.

Various other benefits to juicing can include weight loss, increased immune system, increased energy, and a healthier brain! There are so many benefits to juicing which is why we are so enthusiastic about spreading this knowledge to others.



This post was approved by Dr. Linda Norton


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