AIMRx’s Fruit Infused Water and Stress Ball Activity

By Tiffany Riley; Second Year Project Manager

This was the first event of the week to kick of AIMRx’s first annual De-Stress Week. Committee members were helping serve up ice cold fruit infused water to passerby’s at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The two choices included lemon/mint water and watermelon/strawberry water. Needless to say, both pharmacy and physical therapy students, as well as faculty, enjoyed the healthy treat. We also passed out brochures detailing the therapeutic benefits of the fruit used in the water, which students could use as a future reference if the so choose to make this at home. Also, the event would not be complete without a stress ball making activity. Students filled up balloons with flour and were able to take them home and use as a stress relief after a hard day’s work. AIMRx hopes this event will be a success in future years as well!

water and hand out    stress ball 2



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