AIMRx’s 3rd Annual Juicing Workshop

By Emily Vu; First Year Co-Chair


The members of AIMRx were very excited to hold our third annual Juicing Workshop this year on November 10th, after a really successful turnout last fall. Our juicing workshop aims to demonstrate to the students of Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences the numerous health benefits of juicing and how to create the delectable and nutritious concoctions themselves. This year, we brainstormed new recipes to try, which included a smoothie, along with two other juices. We wanted to introduce the differences in machines needed, health benefits provided, and textures experienced between juicing and blending.

The workshop started off with a presentation from our second-year co-chairs, Jennifer and Amanda. Jennifer highlighted that juicing is an easy way of getting an assortment of fruits and vegetables, along with their vitamins and nutrients, into your diet. She then went over the defining characteristics of juicing and blending, showing students the different machines use for each one. Amanda then introduced the two juices and smoothie that were on the menu. She emphasized a health benefit of each ingredient used in each recipe. Then, the first-year co-chairs, Nancy and Emily, described to students how to operate a juicer, identifying the key functioning parts.

The fun then began when the students gathered in groups of three to five to begin making the juices and smoothie. Recipe cards that included fun health facts about the ingredients were placed at each workstation, and from there the students gathered the necessary ingredients and took off to juicing! Students washed, chopped, and sliced their ingredients and not before long, pitchers were being filled. After the students had created two of the recipes, we held a fun competition where students were to identify the six ingredients that were in a mystery juice that some of the AIMRx committee members whipped up. The winning group received mason jars filled with a variety of healthy study snacks. The students then finished making their final juice, which concluded our workshop.

AIMRx would like to thank the students who attended our workshop with brewing excitement and eager stomachs. We would also like to thank Dr. Norton for attending the workshop and also contributing her knowledge on juicing as well! We hope that this encourages students to view juicing not only as a health benefit but also as an engaging and fun way to connect with peers! We hope to see you next year!




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