The Alternative and Integrative Medicine Committee was established in 2010 at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. We are 1st and 2nd-year student pharmacists as well as members of ASP-Pacific.

AIMRx is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of alternative therapies and medicines. We promote our subjects through hands-on workshops, speaker events, and presentations at local health fairs. In order to keep up with the actively progressing field of pharmacy, AIMRx is constantly researching new topics and looking for ways to expand. Stay updated by visiting our page and joining us at local health fairs!


Meet the members of AIMRx and learn about why they are interested in alternative and integrative medicine! 

Emily Vu – Second Year Co-Chair

As an advocate for health and an overall well-balanced life, I have been curious and passionate about alternative remedies starting from when my mom brought me my first cup of warm water with honey, ginger, and herbs to soothe my aching stomach. As I got older, my interest grew and I started to note very simple, easy, and inexpensive ways to lead a healthier life. As a future pharmacist, I aim to spread my growing knowledge of alternative medicine as the potential benefits can be impactful to many individuals. Thus, being a part of AIMRx and spreading my passion beginning from my fellow peers and health advocates is a great place to start making a difference.

Nanxi Tang – Second Year Co-Chair

The thing about alternative medicine (especially traditional Chinese medicine) is that growing up, I was a non-believer. However, that all changed about a year ago when my dad convinced me to try acupuncture to relieve my seasonal allergies. I guess what they say about not knocking it til you try it is definitely true, because after about five sessions and a lot of needles later, I was a convert! Since then, I’ve embraced and welcomed non-pharmacologic and alternative medicines into my life, complementing my study of Western medicine with more holistic and integrative solutions to health problems. In my eyes, two is always better than one!

Amy Lee – Second Year Project Manager

My parents are immigrants, so growing up they never took me to the hospital because of the language barrier. Traditional treatments were all I received, and I believe that some traditional treatments do truly work. Being in AIMRx allows me to support alternative treatments and teach it to fellow students, as well as to the community. Additionally, as future pharmacists, I think it’s important to be educated in alternative treatments that can be used to prevent chronic illnesses.

Ian Santos – Second Year Project Manager

When I was a kid, I was exposed to many different at home remedies. Whenever I was sick or injured, my grandparents always had something that could help me. I was always fascinated as to how these various, alternative methods worked and wished to learn more about them. As I got older, I learned new, integrative medicine and continue to implement the ones I learned as a kid in my life today. I joined AIMRx because I wanted to share the knowledge that I have with my fellow colleagues and continue to learn more about alternative medicine. I have experienced first hand on how effective alternative medicine can be.  I feel that as a pharmacist, it is important to be able to expand your knowledge beyond what is just behind the counter.

Karen Tran – Second Year Project Manager

I believe that an important part of our health is in nourishing our minds and our bodies. The first step to a healthier lifestyle is how we treat ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love AIMRx because of how it educates people about other methods toward a healthy lifestyle aside from the pharmaceutical aspect. It presents alternative options for people in health treatment approaches and promotes various ways of well-being through behavioral techniques or food benefits.

Song Han – Second Year Project Manager

My family is fairly traditional and avoided Western medication. Instead, they used natural remedies and acupuncture to treat all minor illnesses. Growing up, I witnessed the effectiveness of alternative medicine, and then I got into the medical field and learned about Western medication, I joined AIMRx because as a future pharmacist, I believe it is important to know all fields of medicine to help patients find the right form of therapy. Being part of AIMRx is a good way for me to spread awareness of alternative medicine while learning more about it.

Steven Kakehashi – Second Year Project Manager

I have always been interested in improving my life and the lives of others. As a future pharmacist, I recognize the incredible benefits of medications; how they can help people live longer and more comfortable lives. However, I believe there is a lot of merit to improving your health without drugs. I joined AIMRx because I enjoy learning about and passing on my knowledge of, alternatives to traditional medicine that can help us live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Sophia Liao – First Year Co-Chair

Similar to my colleagues, I grew up in a Chinese household that placed emphasis on traditional medicine and thus was exposed to more traditional therapies in comparison to Western practices. As I grew older, I learned to value this as I am a huge health advocate and love looking for new and alternative practices to incorporate into living a healthy life!

Alex Phan – First Year Co-Chair

Alternative Medication has been a major part of my life growing up as my parents were first generation immigrants from Vietnam. I have always been taught about the different traditional practices that they grew up with, and I want to be able to integrate that into my own lifestyle. The combination of both Western and Eastern practices will help me learn to live a healthier life!

Alvin Cheam – First Year Project Manager

As my brothers and I were growing up, my mother would always use traditional Asian medicines since she would almost always avoid any kind of Western medicine. I believe using alternative medicine was effective in a way. As a future pharmacist, I want to be able to inform and help people with all forms of medicine. As a member of AIMRx, I can spread awareness of alternative and complementary medicine, helping people choose the right type of therapy in their healthcare.

Sylvia Le – First Year Project Manager

When I was a child, I used to be sick all the time. I grew up only knowing traditional Chinese medicine because my grandma never really used Western medicine to treat my colds. As I grew older and became more immersed in the pharmacy field, my curiosity about medicine from both sides. I believe alternative medicine and therapy should be a consideration in a person’s treatment alongside the conventional pills. Being part of AIMRx allows me to spread awareness and learn more about the other side of medicine that could possibly be a better therapy in healthcare.

Teresa Ying – First Year Project Manager

Throughout my life, using unconventional remedies and complementary health approaches was no stranger to me. The way I maintained my health was strongly influenced by my parents, who often incorporated various traditional Chinese medicine ingredients into my diet, such as Goji berries into Chinese herbal chicken soups. My curiosity in alternative and integrative medicine continues to grow as well as my passion to educate others about new methods they can implement to lead a healthier lifestyle. Through AIMRx, I love that I can assume a greater role in sharing the importance of taking a holistic approach to healthcare!

Victoria Chen – First Year Project Manager

Growing up in a Chinese family exposed me to traditional Chinese medicine and other natural remedies at a young age. Whether treating others or myself, I usually look to home remedies before heading to the pharmacy. Being a part of AIMRx gives me the opportunity to share my passion for alternative medicine with others to help them live their healthiest lives!

Victoria Lau – First Year Project Manager

Throughout my childhood, my parents stressed the importance of alternative medicine to complement modern medicine.  Often times, people look to medications to fix our problems, when many of the ailments we face can be remedied with natural remedies, without the negative side effects. Being a part of AIMRx gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and interest in alternative medicine with my community to help community members live the most well-balanced life possible.


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